dimanche 24 février 2013

What is biometric?

A biometric is a measurement of a biological characteristic such as fingerprint, iris pattern, retina image, face  or a behavioural characteristic such as voice, gait or signature. Using biometrics for identifying human beings offers some unique advantages. Biometrics can be used to identify you as you using some biometric  characteristics to identify individuals automatically. Biometric characteristic are very interesting since they are universally present, unique to the individual, stable over time and easily measurable.
Actually biometrics can be used to answer two principal questions:
• Are you who you claim to be?
• Who are you?
  • Are you who you request to be?

Confirming that someone is who they request to be usually relies on something that they possess, such as a security pass, or something that they know, such as a password. Nontheles nothing can provide absolute confidence as security passes can be stolen and passwords are often written down. 
Biometric technology offers an additional level of confidence, but with the disadvantage that, unlike a password, a person’s characteristics are not secret and can therefore be copied. To confirm an individual’s identity, their biometric is scanned, converted into electronic form and stored either on a card that remains in their possession or in a database.
  • Who are you?

It is possible to answer the question ‘who are you?’ if you are saved in the system database .The biometric of the unknown person is compared against the database in a ‘one-to-many’ search. Their identity can be determined if their biometric has been entered onto the database on a previous occasion.

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